Just Like You

You have always known who you are and the person you were born to be. Your style is original and authentic-it is what makes you feel most comfortable. It is who you are. You did not need a hat, but when you tried on a Jamie Slye-it just felt right.

Jamie’s Story

For as long as I can remember, I was intrigued by the idea that style is a personal expression from within. Even from an early age, I loved how fabric and materials made into interesting and unique pieces of wearable art could represent something about a person. As I got older, I somehow wanted this idea to become my career, and even better, my purpose. So, I went to college and studied Fashion Design, never really knowing where that may lead me, but confident that I was studying the right thing.

After college, I gained experience in retail buying, product development, and finally people management for a global fashion and tech company. Somehow throughout all of this experience, valuable experience, I was still missing something so, I started working with silk fabrics. Silk fabrics turned into custom made bridal headpieces for brides all over the country and the world. I even designed a piece that was worn in front of Prince Charles in London, England.

But, I wasn’t done there. I realized that I wanted everyone, not just women who had a special occasion, to feel themselves and to exude confidence every day of their lives. I knew I was setting a big goal for myself, but I was committed to it. While I was “figuring it out,” I was excelling in my other career. I was managing a customer service team for a fast and growing global fashion and tech company. On the side, I was working with one of the oldest hat makers in the US to have my hat designs produced. It was a crazy amount of years doing both, but that’s all part of the journey.

After hiring and building the first customer service team in London for that same company, I was asked to go to London again for a two-year stint. This was a pivotal moment in my career. Although I couldn’t imagine not taking this unbelievable opportunity, I also couldn’t imagine putting my purpose on hold for another two years. So I took the leap, and left a highly rewarding job that I loved.

Not every step along the way has been easy, but that’s the beauty in all of this. I simply would not have made it this far without my family, friends, my partner, and former coworkers for believing in me and my brand.

So here I am today, on a mission to create distinct, high-quality hats that compliment unique personalities and empowers individuals to express their own personal style. While our entire collection was originally inspired by personalities and important figures in my life, each hat is ready to be molded into future versions of themselves with every new owner and every new journey. I hope you’ll find the one that speaks to yours.

And always remember, it’s not just about the hat.

Our Makers

In the creation of this line, great care went into sourcing and partnering with the highest quality wool suppliers and millinery resources available in the United States. This took years of planning and dedication to deliver a hat that is high quality and useful. Every style is created with the thought of high impact and everyday use, without sacrificing classic style and excellence.