For hat cleaning and care, follow our instructions below:

1) Baby wipes work great on stains. Work the wipe into the wool and the stain will slowly start to lift out. 

2) If mud gets on the hat, always let the mud dry. Use a horsehair bristle brush and brush the wool in circles on and around the dry mud and the mud will flake off. 

3) A horsehair bristle brush is also great to brush off any lent that collects on the hat. 

4) Do you own a hand-held clothing steamer? If so, carefully steam the crown and the brim of the hat while the hat rests on your hand. The steam will not damage the hat in any way. You can also steam the inside of the hat. Steam will take out any creases in the hat and bring your hat back to life.

Most of our hats are water-repellent, but be sure to double check on the product description page before you follow our instructions below:

The majority of our hats are water-repellent but not waterproof - this means in a light rain or light snow, the water will bead up on the hat and you can shake or flick the water drops off. If you want to test this yourself, you can pour a small water drop on the hat and you'll see it bead up! We do not recommend wearing our hats in heavy rain or heavy snow because they are not 100% waterproof.