How does TryNow work?
As a shopper, you are able to select and use the TryNow purchase option when adding up to two hats to your cart. At checkout, you will not be charged. Authorization for the full amount of your order will be placed on your credit card to reserve funds in the event you choose to keep your items, but you will only be charged for kept items. Your trial begins once the package is delivered, at which point you’ll have the length of 7 days to try-on your items at home, decide what to keep, and return the rest. 

What payment options do I have for my TryNow order?
You can only use a credit card to check out with TryNow at this time.

Can I use a discount with a TryNow order?
Yes! Valid discount offers apply to both traditional and TryNow purchases.

When do I receive my refund?
Order credits are processed once a return is fully received and processed by the TryNow Partners team. Credits are processed back to the original form of payment at the time of checkout. Depending on your financial institution, the processing times for this can vary.

When does my trial period start?
Your Trial will begin once you receive your package. TryNow works with us (team at Jamie Slye) to monitor for Carrier updates and when we see your order is delivered you should get a friendly email letting you know that your Trial has begun.You can also extend your trial by emailing to request an extension.

Our TryNow system does also set a deadline based on what we believe to be the most amount of time that your package would need to reach you. This is designed to ensure that your trial begins in a timely manner in the event of an unexpected issue or if the carrier delivering your package were to not properly update your order as delivered.

I need more time - can I extend my trial?
You may reach out to to request a 3-5 day trial extension.

How do I return items I do not want to purchase?
You can go through the regular returns process outlined here.

My trial ended and I was charged but now I want to return something -- is this still possible?
Yes! You can follow our standard returns and refund policy. Be sure to check the returns window and refund policy here.

Why does TryNow place an authorization on my credit card?
When you checkout, an authorization for the full amount of your order is placed on your card to reserve funds if you choose to keep your items. An authorization is not the same as a charge in that our systems are strictly ensuring that the card that was provided at checkout is both valid and has the appropriate funds available to cover the cost of any items kept in the future.

Rest assured that if a refund is required at any point, even after a trial has ended, that refund will be processed. Refunds are processed back to the original form of payment at the time of checkout. Depending on your financial institution, the processing times for this can vary.

I thought TryNow offered a free trial but I see a charge on my card -- can you help me understand?
TryNow will not charge you for any items until the end of your trial. We do place an authorization on your card for the total amount of your order. This is how we ensure that funds can be captured for items you keep -- it’s just like a hold that hotels or rideshare apps use, and helps protect us from fraud. The way authorizations display on your statement varies by bank. Typically, authorizations are labeled as “pending” OR they will not have a date associated with the charge, indicating that the charge has not yet been posted.

When will the authorization come off of my card?
TryNow will charge and close your order after your trial + several days for any returns to process. At that point, the authorization will drop and you’ll be charged for the items you kept. Depending on your bank, it can take up to 24-48 hours for your statement to update.


For any additional questions, please reach out to