Black Lives Matter

Our brand is built on a foundation of authenticity, with the sole purpose of empowering those around us to express their true selves. Years ago, my business idea started with defining three very distinct personalities that represented three very important people in my life. These personalities transformed into three beautiful hats designed and created to empower - now ready to be molded into future versions of themselves with every new owner and every new journey. Just like those original three, I want everyone to feel just as confident, courageous and inspired to share their own personal story.   

Feeling confident in yourself doesn’t always come easy, but it’s something that’s available to all of us. The problem is, sometimes being confident in ourselves and who we are as human beings are not always enough in the eyes of other people. Once again, we’re painfully reminded that, because of the color of someone’s skin, we’re not all on the same playing field.

It’s wrong. So so so wrong.

So now, more than ever, I feel even more connected to our brand mission. I believe that Black lives matter, our company and everyone involved within believes that Black lives matter. In order to be a part of the change, we know we have to educate ourselves, we know we have to continue to listen and learn, and we know that every little action counts in a big way. We promise to be honest with ourselves and our customers. If we have to talk about things that are painful, things that are hard, and most importantly, things that are uncomfortable, we will. 

We’ll continue to strive for a broader perspective on the continued pain that members of the Black community continue to experience, like the brutal killing of George Floyd, along with many others over hundreds of years. We’ll continue to donate and get involved with opportunities where and when we can - recently with Seattle’s NAACP - and continue to try and make a difference. We want to be a part of the change. We know this will take time and there’s a lot of work to do, but we are committed. 

We hope you will give us grace along the way, and know that our commitment and our intent behind everything we do is to reach the exact same goal as you - a world where Black lives matter, and that we can all live in, breath in, be ourselves in, and be respected in. 

Everyone deserves to be on the same playing field.