Breaking Down Fashion Norms

For some of us, it’s been engrained that blue represents boys, and pink represents girls, just like boys wear ties, and girls wear skirts. But, as a female, how many times have you reached inside your husband's closet to wear one of his super comfortable and nice quality t-shirts? Or as a male, you questioned whether or not you should wear that color or pattern because it could be perceived as too "feminine"? These are just some of the many gender stereotypes we hear in today’s society when it comes to fashion, however, we believe that breaking down the walls of fashion norms is extremely important and necessary. The clothing and accessories that someone chooses to wear should not define their character, sexual orientation, or who they are as a human being. 

Feeling comfortable, confident, and truly yourself is what it’s all about. Our hat designs are clean, classic, sophisticated, and neutral, with our #1 goal being to allow each individual to embrace their true and authentic selves. We want to encourage people to think beyond fashion stereotypes, for example, how people shop depending on seasonal collections. What someone chooses to wear any time of the year should be based solely on the choice of the consumer. Breaking down any perceived fashion restrictions gives you the endless possibility to experiment with your style. We believe our hats can do just that! 

Our line is made up of twelve unisex hat shapes - the sizes, shapes, and colors work for men and women. Our hats are designed without a specific gender in mind, but rather, certain personalities. Each hat uniquely has its own personality, just like you. As our brand evolves, we do hope to offer a wider size selection to be able to serve more people outside of our existing size range. We also hope to carry more unisex items in the very near future. Stay informed through our email newsletter - we’ve got new and exciting things in the works!

~ Article Written by Allie Albrecht, Jamie Slye Intern