Finding Your Perfect Hat Series

Part 3: How to Wear A Hat
The Psychology Behind Wearing Hats

We live and breathe fashion every day, and for those of us who are passionate about what we wear, we hope that fashion will continue to be granted the esteemed status of artistic expressions like painting, sculpting, architecture, or music. Fashion is an expression of oneself, a splendid form of performance art in its finest detail.

Over the years, fashion has attained different meanings and interpretations. With every fashion trend that takes the industry by storm, there are different combinations and multiple ways to wear it, always making it unique to the wearer. For some of us, hats come with a certain meaning, sometimes even a certain stereotype. Although we know the past will always influence the future, it’s important to remember that fashion is ever-evolving. That western-shaped hat may no longer be meant for only the cowboy if you know what I mean.

I think it’s super important to remember how you feel when trying on a hat. Are you intrigued? Does it just feel...right? Do you feel like the hat showcases your unique personality, or better yet, empowers you to feel more confident? Does it inspire you to That’s what it’s all about. Sometimes it comes naturally to us, based on historical context, to make a comment about who or what someone looks like when trying on a hat. But, if you’re out shopping with a friend, or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, remember to encourage them by asking questions about how they feel when trying on a hat. Then we can slowly start to break down the stereotypes and allow people to be who they want to be.

The Psychology of Fashion and Wearing HatsThe Psychology of Fashion and Wearing Hats

It’s very fascinating to know how our sense of clothing and individual style can affect our personal motivations and appearance. Wearing a certain look not only exhibits personality and individual style but also influences the way people perceive us. Based on the clothing or accessories you wear, one might assume your profession, or if you’re an artist, or maybe even assume your age. A story starts to form about you, which means fashion is very powerful and influential. Our choice of clothes and style is so personal, and more often than we think, our clothes give away more about us than we realized. What you wear on any given day might say a lot about your mood, the kind of day you’ve had, and most importantly - the personality you exude.

Just like the clothes that we wear, hats can tell a person’s story too, or even empower those to express their own personal style. Over the years, hats have always been that fashion accessory staple, keeping their classic shapes while always making a statement. Even as far back as Queen Elizabeth’s reign, it’s been said that men’s hats were quite expressive of the disdain they felt at being ruled by a woman. And although hats have remained a staple since the 1600s, many of us still find ourselves wondering how to wear a hat and pull it off in style. Hats and headwear have had varied meanings and stereotypes throughout history, sometimes becoming a fashion must-have based on current pop culture, which we saw during Princess Kate and Prince William’s wedding.

The hat you choose reveals a lot about your personality and your own personal story. That sounds like we’re putting a lot of pressure on finding the right hat, but the hat you choose should feel original and authentic, just like you. With a lot of incredible hat styles to choose from, there’s always the right hat out there for everyone. Below are a few examples of the types of hats you might be interested in, based on your own personal style.

The Chic, Vintage Style

For the feminine, respected, and chic, and for those that love a good vintage-inspired look, try a custom-made fascinator, a cloche hat, or even a pillbox hat.

Jamie Slye, The Joyce Hat

Jamie Slye, Custom Headpiece

The Gender-Neutral, Playful Style

For the active soul, and for those that prefer more gender-neutral looks, try short brim fedoras, newsboy or flat caps, or even bowler hats.

Jamie Slye, The Frankie Hat

Jamie Slye, The Viv Hat

The Free-Spirited, Adventurous Style

For the free-spirited and adventurous, and for those that love the versatility and effortless style, try wide brim or floppy brim fedoras, wide brim straw hats, or even slouchy berets.

Jamie Slye, The Phoebe Hat

Jamie Slye, The Phoebe Hat

The Classic and Sophisticated Style

For the sophisticated, and those that love a preppy and classic style, try a boater hat, a wide brim straw hat, a visor, or even a short-brim fedora. It’s all about the color with this particular style too.

Jamie Slye, The Chapman Hat

Jamie Slye, The Clementine Hat

Now that we’ve talked about the psychology of fashion, and hats in particular, always remember that you should wear what you feel good in, and what speaks to your soul - even if that means you wear a different style every day of the week. Fashion is ever-evolving, just like you are ever-evolving. At Jamie Slye we like to say, “Wear your hat on your sleeve.” Let people know your story. Each of our hats is ready to be molded into the personalities of every new owner and every new journey. I hope you’ll find the one that speaks to yours.