Should You Take A Hat On Your Next Trip? We Say YES.

Hats never seem to make the cut when you’re packing for an upcoming trip. You always like the idea of taking a hat, and you can even envision the pictures you will take while wearing a hat on your trip. But, as the packing continues and your suitcase is starting to pile up, you then start to wonder if a hat is really a necessity for traveling at all. I mean, some hats can be difficult to carry around, and they may typically require more space in your suitcase than you’re willing to let it. But, being a tourist or a regular traveler means you’re visiting a lot of beautiful places, and typically spending a lot of time in the sun. Protecting your skin from the sun on a trip is a necessity - nobody wants to deal with a really bad sunburn while vacationing. That’s the absolute worst. Not to mention, hats can make quite the fashion statement in pictures you take on your trip, but also make it easier for you when you’re in a rush to make it to one of your planned events and don’t have a lot of time to fix your hair. 

I understand what you might be thinking. Even after hearing all of the reasons why you should take a hat on your next trip, you’re still wondering how that’s possible when up until this point, you believe they’re hard to travel with. Did you know that some wool felt hats are packable crushable, and water repellent? If you’re anything like me, I get nervous to pack my hats in my suitcases because I’m obsessive over my hats, but when you can find a hat that truly is packable and crushable, it’s a lifesaver when traveling. And guess what!? Four out of our nine hats that we offer are packable, crushable, and water repellent - and our clients that love to travel swear by them! Continue reading to learn more about our favorite hat picks when traveling.

Our Lightweight Wool Fedora - a.k.a. The Frankie

The Frankie is made for the active soul. This USA made, wool felt wide brim fedora comes with a 100% real leather hatband and chin strap. The chin strap can be worn on the front or the back. This hat is perfect for traveling and the outdoors because of its super lightweight wool and it's packable, crushable, and water repellent qualities. The brim can be worn in different ways - popped down or up, or a mix of both. Like the rest of our collection, this hat shows off our stainless steel signature Jamie Slye logo concho piece. Be you in this easy to wear, playful, yet classic style.

Our Frankie Hat in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, Africa

Our Wide Brim Fedora - a.k.a. The Phoebe

The Phoebe is made for the free-spirited and adventurous. Made in the USA, this wool felt fedora hat is easily foldable and crushable; its durable and water-resistant nature makes it the perfect travel hat. Woven from high quality sourced materials and 100% leather on the hatband, the hat also features our signature Jamie Slye logo on a concho piece. The shape and style are effortless, very versatile, and can be easily dressed up or dressed down. It's useful without sacrificing classic style and excellence.

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Wool Felt Short Brim Fedora - a.k.a. The Viv

Let’s face it, the short-brim fedora hat is one of the most commonly found hats, and every traveler’s go-to hat choice. And why shouldn’t it be? It checks all the right boxes of travel essentials - it’s easy to carry, is lightweight, goes with almost every look, and is crushable and easy to pack. One glance at our Viv hat, which is also water repellent, and you’ll fall in love with its bold design, timeless and classic style, and it’s versatility. Made out of 100% pure wool felt, the Viv never fails to impress and is designed for the strong and independent.

Our Viv Hat in Monterosso, Italy

Our Asymmetrical Cloche - a.k.a. The Joyce

This wool felt asymmetrical cloche is an uber-feminine and soft vintage-inspired hat - great for traveling somewhere with colder climates. This hat pairs perfectly with any kind of winter wear fashion and is also the right accessory for a vintage-inspired party you’re attending. Its high-quality wool felt makes it easy to travel with because of the packable, crushable, and water repellent qualities. With a stainless steel Jamie Slye logo concho piece in the front, the Joyce is an absolute must-have in your travel wardrobe.

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Packable and crushable hats are perfect for traveling, however, don’t be intimidated by those that aren’t! Do you have just the right hatbox to travel with? If so, your options are pretty unlimited. And if you don't currently have a hatbox, it might be time to look for one of those as well. They too are a fashionable must-have accessory when traveling. Check back for our blog post on how to find the right hatbox in the coming weeks.

If you do have a hat box to travel with, here are some of our other hats we offer that aren’t packable and crushable, but still super stylish for one of your upcoming trips.

The Panama Straw Visor - a.k.a. The Clementine

Nothing is more perfect than the Clementine when it comes to packing a hat as part of your travel accessories. Designed for the traveler in you, this straw visor is all about being in the sun, looking fashionable in beachwear, staying stylish while playing tennis, or even just hanging out by the pool. The high-quality Panama straw is made with different shades of ribbon, giving it a lighthearted and easy to wear look. Woven in Ecuador and blocked in the US, this distinctly crafted straw visor helps you be colorful, vibrant, and happy - just the right combination for your travel escapades.

Our Clementine Visor in Boca Raton, Florida

Wool Felt Flat Brim Fedora - a.k.a The Finn

Traveling somewhere amazing and you’re dying to make a statement? The Finn will surely turn heads. This USA made, wool felt flat brim fedora is a statement piece. The structured shape is classic yet bold and comes with a 100% real leather braided hatband. Like the rest of our collection, this hat shows off our stainless steel signature Jamie Slye logo concho piece. Be you in this structured, unapologetic, statement piece.

Our Finn Hat in London, England

Wool Felt Flat Brim Open Crown Hat - a.k.a. The Arrow

Traveling somewhere out west? The Arrow is just the right look for the desert escape. It’s forward, yet humble. This USA made, wool felt flat brim open crown hat is made for the determined. The open crown shape has a classic western vibe but suits the modern-day individual. The hatband is made of the same wool felt as the hat, and like the rest of our collection, this hat shows off our stainless steel signature Jamie Slye logo concho piece. Be you in this sharp and forward piece.

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