Hats Are No Longer Seasonal

Image Source: Our Finn In Black

How many times have you thought you can’t wear your favorite hat in the summer because it’s wool felt? And you’ve always put your favorite straw hat away because it’s winter. We truly believe that hats should never be considered seasonal because it’s all about how you style them. We do believe, however, that colors can be seasonal. For example, wearing a dark maroon wide brim hat may not always lend well to the summer heat. See our images below of our Joyce hat and our Phoebe hat. For each hat, one is styled for the fall and winter season, and the other is styled for the spring and summer season. What do you think?

Image Source: Our Joyce In Silver Sand

Image Source: Our Phoebe In Silver Belly

Despite what you may have read or seen through fashion magazines, different types of hats have become a very universal accessory. And as we mentioned, if you know how to style them, you can certainly rock any kind of hat in any weather- whether it’s a Panama hat, a cloche, a fedora, or even a baseball cap. Bring the confidence and you’re good to go!

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you reach for that certain style of hat in your closet. So, to make your lives easier we put together a few pointers on different styles of hats.


Image Source: Our Frankie Hat

If you’re wondering about your favorite trilby or fedora hat, or you’re looking to purchase one, you don’t have to stick to any season. Fedora hats can be worn at any time of the year, and in any kind of weather. If you like our Frankie hat, you can wear it in the rain too! This hat is packable, crushable, and water repellent. What we love most about our Frankie hat, is that it’s a classic shape with an outdoor vibe. The leather chin strap makes it the perfect hat to go on any outdoor adventure while still looking stylish and classic. But of course, not all hats are created equally - some are casual and athletic, while others are more sophisticated. Go with our Frankie hat and you can have two in one - casual and sophisticated style.


Image Source: Our Phoebe In Panama Straw

Traditionally, straw hats were meant to be worn in more informal settings, like being out in the heat working on a ranch. Being less formal than wool felt hats, the straw hat does have more breathability during those more physically exerting hours of the day, or just being out in the sun in general. Because of this, we associate straw hats with warmer weather. To all of us, straw hats spell summer, but a creative and fashion-forward mind can see how pairing a straw hat with a blazer or more formal attire can look just as fashionable and fabulous.

Panama straw hats are also a great addition to your summer and winter wardrobe. The straw is made from a lightweight toquilla palm that’s handwoven in Ecuador. This particular type of straw is great for keeping your head protected from strong heat waves or the harsh sun in both the summer and winter months.

The great thing about straw hats is that depending on the shape, they are super versatile. If you’re not looking to pair your straw hat with something more formal, jeans and a tee-shirt work perfectly too.

Image Source: Our Chapman In Panama Straw


Image Source: Our Arrow Hat In Gunmetal

The wool felt hat is probably the most versatile hat on the planet. These days, it’s all about styling your hat in the right ways and making sure the way it’s styled is authentic and original to you. Because of its versatility, the wool felt hat can be worn during any season and all types of temperatures. With that being said, it’s important to recognize the thickness, the weight, and the material of the felt, especially for those higher temperatures during the summer. All of our wool felt hats are made with 100% wool, and the inner hatband is made of 100% cotton for more breathability. Our wools are also lightweight, which is perfect for year-round wear. And as we’ve said before, many of our hats are packable and crushable, making them super lightweight on your head and very versatile throughout all seasons.

With fashion’s dynamic trends, it’s no surprise that hats can be worn in any season. It’s all about how you style the hat unique to you. Individualism and personal style matters more now than ever, so pick up your favorite hat and show the world your unique personality - one day and any season at a time.