Finding the Perfect Hatbox for all of Your Adventures

Image Source: Calpak

Like we mentioned in our latest blog article, Should You Take a Hat On Your Next Trip? We Say Yes, hat boxes are the must-have travel accessory when traveling with hats that aren’t packable or crushable. As I’m sure you know, hat boxes are typically used to protect premium quality hats from damage, dirt, and all the wear and tear that comes from traveling.

Taken from their retro origins, hat boxes have been a popular accessory in the style scene for a while now. In the golden era of Hollywood glamour, hat boxes were used for storage for many things, not just hats. Today, these vintage-inspired hat boxes have been reinvented as a unique piece of carry on luggage or a weekender bag for your upcoming trip.

Whether you’re a hat aficionado or you’re just starting to wear hats, it’s important to know that a good quality hat will last you a lifetime if taken care of properly! If you’re thinking of traveling with any of our hard brim hats like the Arrow, or a Panama straw hat, like the Chapman, you might want to think about investing in a quality hatbox. We listed two of our favorites below.

Image Source: Vogue

Streamline Luggage

We’re loving these travel hat boxes from Streamline Luggage. Such great colors and patterns - you may want to use them for much more than just your hats!

Image Source: Streamline Luggage


Calpak has always impressed us with their lightweight durability, their water-resistant hard-shell cover, and not to mention they fit perfectly under your seat during flight.

Image Source: Calpak

We hope we’ve convinced you that investing in a good hatbox will maintain the longevity and quality of your favorite hats for years to come. These vintage-inspired travel hatboxes will not only become your best friend, but you’ll have that fashionable edge when traveling!