It's Time To Start Tipping Our Hats

In trying times as we find ourselves in today, we often find promise in the small things. Throughout a lifetime some of us have seen hardships take over our lives, yet we always persevere and come out on the other side. Hats, interestingly enough, have done the same. Heck, our hat manufacturer has been around since the 1800s and you can bet they’ve seen it all. Just like hats, we will get through this.

There is no such thing as a “hat person”. Sure, some may like wearing hats more than others, but we are all hat people. There are particular sayings associated with hats and their customs. Such as “hats off to you” and a “hat trick” or “hip, hip, hooray” as everyone throws their hats in the air. Overtime hats have continued to serve different purposes and possess a multitude of meanings. One thing that can be said is that hats have always embodied what it meant to be admirable, jubilant, noble, and exquisite. Thus, we all one way or another are hat people in the way we present ourselves throughout our lives. 

Dating back to the Great Depression, hats have continued to prevail, even during times of hardship. Hats are a form of self-expression. A way to show your personality, a way to cover up your bad hair day, a way to complete your look, and even a way to create laughter during a time of oppression. During the 1930s, hats were quirky and joyful, serving as a symbol of optimism. Even as the Depression worsened and hat materials became scarce, women and men made the most of what they had.  

I guess it is to say that no matter the circumstances and what we may be going through, hats in some way or another have always had our back. Hats have withstood times of adversity and hardship. In a sense, it would be right to say that a simple hat represents hope. The simple yet complex fashion statement not only elevates your wardrobe but is there to remind us of the light at the end of the tunnel.

~ Article Written by Allie Albrecht, Jamie Slye Intern