Jeannie Rak

 Jeannie Rak, Seattle, WA 

Jeannie is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter who cut her teeth as a busker at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. She grew up in Bangkok, Thailand learning to sing in choirs and during long car ride sing-alongs with her mother and siblings. Jeannie plays a mixture of pop and r&b, armed with a rhythmic guitar style and a belting voice, which she cultivated while busking at Pike Place Market. Her original music tells stories of her life as a longtime immigrant and certified romantic. She believes that music is all about connection and community and is thrilled to be a Jamie Slye affiliate! Jamie's hats speak for themselves; they are high-quality products, and have added both confidence and flair to Jeannie's performance outfits. As someone said to Jeannie, "You look like a REAL singer-songwriter now!"

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Watch Jeannie's live performance at Pike's Place Market here.